Application Hosting, Web Hosting and Remote / Offsite Backups


Electronic Medical Records

MedServices Central is a full service EMR with additional Billing and Practice Management options. We offer Quality Solutions for your practice that will assist you in providing efficient services to your patients at an affordable cost.

Application and Database Hosting: Anywhere, Anytime Access

DataNet Solutions has a state of the art data center that allows us to offer services including Application Hosting, Web Hosting and Remote / Offsite Backups. Our data center utilizes the latest in redundancy including high speed internet connections and redundant power sources to insure 24/7 uptime.

  • Secure Access to your Database and Applications
  • Reduce Down Time for your Applications
  • Eliminate the In-House Servers and Costly IT Fees
  • An Enterprise Level Solution at an Affordable Price

Application Hosting

Application hosting eliminates the need for your organization to purchase and maintain a server for your applications. It can also greatly reduce if not eliminate your need for in house IT staff. The savings you will experience as a result usually more than pays for the cost of hosting your application with us. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that our experienced IT staff is maintaining your server is also priceless.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is another service that we offer. Whether you need to host a web application or you just need a place to park the face of your business on the web, our talented staff can make sure your needs are met.

Remote Backups

Your data is critical, make sure you protect it! In today’s computer age one of the most important parts of your business is the data on your computer and our remote backup service makes sure that your data is safe. Not only are nightly backups preformed but the backups are stored in our secure data center. We have multiple off site locations including fire resistance locations for even greater protection.

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