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Patient Assistance Program Software

The Prescription Assistance Program (PAP), also referred to as Medication Assistance Program allows qualified patients to apply to pharmaceutical companies requesting needed medication for free.

DataNet Solutions provides Patient Assistance Program software to assist in the management of these programs for your patients.

MedServices WinPAP - This integrated Patient Assistance Program service is available to medical professionals who wish to assist their patients in ordering their medications online. Our Patient Assistance Program software offers the following:

  • Pre-qualify the patient
  • Generate an application with a click of the button from the MedServices Prescription module
  • List of all drugs and programs available
  • Step by Step guidance in the application process
  • Drug Interaction and Duplicate Therapy checking
  • Instructions on how to take your medication
  • Instructions on completing the application process such as mailing instructions etc
  • Stores information for easy re-ordering
  • Set reminders on when to re-order medication
  • Batch reordering of applications
  • Batch printing of applications
  • Automatically flag applications that can be phone in when reordering

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Patient assistance program software : Medication assistance program : Patient Assistance Software Tracking Program

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