Value-Added Reseller (VAR) program


DataNet Solutions has established business relationships with companies in several countries. With our partners, there is virtually nothing that we can’t provide to our customers.

One of our important partner programs is our Value-Added Reseller (VAR) program. This was designed to generate both up-front earnings and recurring revenue to those candidates who are selected for participation. DataNet is one of the few to offer this combination of both short- and long-term revenue. Acceptance to the DataNet VAR program is based on a variety of factors, such as sales and marketing strategy, industry experience, past performance, customer base, and the ability to support customers as per the terms of the VAR agreement. The program is geographically restricted so as not to over-saturate the marketplace or create excessive competition.

VARs also have the ability to sell hardware, network configuration and other IT resources to our targeted physician offices.

We believe that flexibility and earning potential are the two keys to our program's success. Unlike many other VAR programs, DataNet VARs can determine their own set-up and additional service fees, which allows them to maximize their revenue. Furthermore, where some other programs only allow VARs to sell to practices or billing services, we have no restrictions on either the type or size of the businesses to which you can sell. Our customers represent every medical specialty; our software is not specialty specific.

In addition to our EMR for clinics who serve the uninsured and underinsured for which DataNet Solutions is best known, VARs are able to sell Patient Assistance Program, EHR, Prescription and Dispensing, Custom Interfaces, Data Conversions, Appointment Scheduling and other special modules. With a product that is in such high demand and is so affordably priced, a wide variety of products to sell, this program is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to increase both their short-term and long-term earnings.

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