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MedServices Central EMR Software Systems (for non-profit clinics)

MedServices Central EMR version 5 is a secure, real-time, point-of-care, patient-centric application, electronic medical records package specifically designed for Free Medical Clinics, Safety Net Clinics, Volunteers in Medicine Clinics, Faith Based Medical Clinics, Federally Qualified Healthcare, Community Healthcare Centers, Medical Universities and any other facility that serve the underinsured and uninsured population.

Our Electronic Medical Records Software Systems for the clinics who assist patients without insurance, is different in the fact that we include EMR, Full Prescription with dispensary, Inventory, Patient Assistance Program, Donor tracking, Volunteer tracking, Report Writer and more.

All of these modules interface with each other and are contained in a single application.

Some of the features of MedServices Central EMR include:

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Physician Daysheet
  • SOAP / Exam Notes
  • Inventory Control
  • Auto calculation of poverty level
  • Multi-site capable (a single database can handle unlimited clinics across an area such as a state)
  • ICD9 Codes
  • Patient Imaging
  • CPT Codes
  • Drug database with interactions, duplicate therapy warnings and patient education handouts
  • Report Writer that allows you to report on any data that is captured
  • MedServices Rx (full prescription and dispensing software. Integrates with Patient Assistance Program)
  • MedServices Schedule
  • MedServices WinPAP ( Patient / Medication Assistance Program module)
  • Staff/Volunteer & Time tracking
  • Donors and Donation tracking
  • Chronic Disease Manager
  • Document Library
  • Customizable
  • and much more...

The multi-site feature of the MedServices product line is the ability to have a central server database for a group of different clinics. MedServices is currently in operation in a couple of states using this feature. A state association may purchase MedServices Central EMR and make it available to all their clinics in the state. Each clinic will only have access to their data while association officials may report on all the data collectively or individually by county, city, clinic etc.

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