Investment Opportunities

DataNet Solutions, Inc. is a private owned S Corporation with its headquarters in Woodlands, TX which is 35 miles north of Houston, TX.

DataNet Solutions, Inc. is positioning itself to be a major competitor in the Electronic Health Care industry.

With the release of our latest MedServices Clinical Solutions, Electronic Bundled Integrated Software, we are preparing to add several other medical markets into our potential sales pool. This will open up the opportunity to experience exponential growth. Currently, less than 17% of medical practices utilize any type of Electronic Health Record system. A normal market would show great potential in this field. But thanks to the health care bill, this is not a normal market.

DataNet believes that the Federal Stimulus Plan as outlined in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is about to blow the market for Electronic Health Record (EHR) wide open.

Add to the 'normal market' potential, the governments requirement that all medical practices must use an Electronic Medical Record system by 2015 and you can begin to realize the potential. The government is offering up to $44k per physician to help transition to electronic medical records.

There is and will continue to be a serious need for quality EMR software that is affordable to practices. DataNet's EMR is designed the way practices work and NOT designed just to prove meaningful use. That makes MedServices STAT EHR affordable, easy to use and meets the government's mandate to have all medical practices electronic by 2015.

DataNet has a large vision for the potential of computerized medical records. If you would like to learn more about Investment Opportunities, please contact us.

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